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Ekaterina Korytko

Self-expression. Reflexion of experience and surrounding reality. Not only my own, but something from the family members, friends, people of my city, country, the whole world. Reflexion of an emotion left from music playing a minute ago, of memories from traveling last month or of conversation with friend happened 5 years ago. All those senses go through me like a river or waterfall. Some of them stay just for a second giving only little aftertaste, but others remain longer creating a bright pallet before my eyes. This palate is a beginning of a new piece.


It is a little funny for me that before i have a paint in my hands, i barely can describe the colors i see, that is always quite intriguing for myself first.


Inspiration. Sometimes i bump into some pictures online, or my old photos, or pieces from other artists and that clicks, I get some kind of respond from inside, triggering old memories or ideas. From that another pallet in my head comes out. Immediately i want to take all of those feelings out and turn that into a reminder of that minute from my life that became so memorable.


Oil is an amazing medium. I love painting with my fingers. I can feel a canvas and like fill the painting with my emotions. It reminds me of sculpture, where you start working with warming up a piece of clay, feeling every edge with your hands. I love trying new mediums and techniques to understand how and what to use to express different feelings. It widens up the circle of understanding of different things.


What i do i can call "photography" of my emotions, thoughts and experiences through my life. Sometimes the same moments create new inspiration with the new knowledge of materials and new piece comes to life. It is a magical process. Life is art by itself, and thanks to musicians, writers, painters and other creators we can see it how diverse it in perception.


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