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Gaurvi Sharma

Gaurvi Sharma may evade the definition of being a pop artist, by sheer virtue of the fact that she is more expressionistic even if some of the mediums she engages in are popish. Known for her collage work, she has recently taken the trajectory of working with linear small format drawings that are colourful and expressive.

The visuals that Gaurvi Sharma creates are a reaction to her everyday experiences. She had always been interested in drawing but discovered her fascination for collages while living in Japan. The importance of paper and recycling in the Japanese culture inspired her to explore collage making and has been working in this medium for more than 7 years now. 

For Gaurvi, the whole process is ever evolving, as the exploration of different visuals and textures always gives her a new dimension in the thought process and while making collages, the unexpected elements give a new face to the visual.



2018 - Summer Soirée, Art Explore, New Delhi

2016 -  “Collage Yourself” workshop organised by Junta in collaboration with Kitsch Mandi


Solo Show.

2015 -  “Bad Café?” Mumbai, hosted by Art and Found

2015 -  Painting workshop organized by Lalit Kala Chandigarh

2015 -  Global art hub (Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon)

2014 - Asian Contemporary Art Hong Kong  

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