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Marina Potapova

The greatness of art lies in this eternal tension between beauty and suffering, love for people and passion for creativity, loneliness and irritation from the crowd, rebellion and consent. Art balances between two chasms - frivolity and propaganda. On the crest of the ridge, along which a great artist goes forward, every step is an adventure, the greatest risk.  This risk, however, and only in it is the freedom of art .....

I understood that painting  has been my calling since I was 5 years old. I am a Russian self-taught artist, I have never studied art professionally. From an early age I was inculcated to a love of art and classical music. 

My love for painting was manifested in different ways, by drawing with pencils, crayons, ink, watercolors , oil and acrylic paints on canvas, paper and wall painting. 

As in any journey, I’m a traveler, but I’m also the result of the creation and life experience accumulation on this journey. The journey takes place starting with an idea and some preparatory work, and the image becomes clearer as work develops. For me it’s important that  the dialogue remained fresh, clean and full of discoveries.

I am fascinated by how nature expresses itself through light, moving in the atmosphere and space. Still lifes and landscapes are a way to immerse yourself in this relationship.  My figurative paintings can be a narration, as well as a portrait, acquaintance as a fellow traveller and a deepening of their own human expression.

I consider that I use my dialogue with nature, working with life situations and see them as a means of self-expression, for example, how a poet would use words or a musician would use his tool to create mood, rhythms and atmosphere, I use brush and paints.

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