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Marinkovic BB

Artist Statement “I’ve been asked to write my artist resume. Why is it important for you, my dear visitor, to know who I am? My date of birth, place of birth, my school, my degree, my success... Is that really relevant for Art? Are you going to hang me up on your wall? Does it matter what passport I’m holding? It doesn’t matter if I am rich or poor, a boss or an assistant, master, wife, husband, mother, sister, man, female... I am not going to decorate the walls of your home, and you’re not going to wrap me up as gift for your loved ones... The only thing that should matter is: does my art reach your soul! If you feel that sensation; if you feel those emotions; that is the most important thing for both of us, more than anything else regarding art. Therefore, you will not find anything more about me than my art because it doesn't matter. I love you all”, Marinkovic BB

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