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Nadya Sadfi

A Self-taught young tunisian painter and photographer, Nadya was born in Tunis. She started painting in 2008 and has received a lot of recognition in the world of art since her solo-exhibition “Out of Law”in Tunis in 2012.
In 2016 Nadya won an award at the international Feminist Art Festival. She also participated in the 1rst and 2nd editions of the Méditerranéen Art Festival M.A.F held in Sidi Bou Said, Tunis. 
In 2018, she was chosen among other painters to exhibit her masterpiece at “Galerie 76” during the Art week Dubai Festival. 
In 2019, she was chosen to represent the tunisian artist during the intertional woman art exhibition held in Dubai. 
She was a jury member of the ACPT photography competion for the 3rd edition.
Her recent artworks are all about ”make shapes to move and colors sing, create elegance in movements, play with the matter and search for Light to make life blossom”.
Art for her is a quest for moments of harmony, well-being and joy. 

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