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Parisa Rahimi Dehban

Parisa was born and raised in Iran. From her childhood she was very interested in art especially in paintings. After finishing high school she decided to continue her studies in Art. The Niavaran Cultural Center was one of the best choices for an artist in Tehran so Parisa took her chance and began to study in Persian Miniature there. After a while she immigrated to Dubai and started to share her art with people in the shape of various workshops and painting sessions. 
From the very first moment she knew that the art is going to play a very important role in her life. She had a mission to spread love through her paintings to the people, even now she is still trying to send this message by her artworks. 
World Art Dubai  (2016, Solo Artist)
Etihad Modern Art Gallery ( 2016, Abu Dhabi, Group Exhibition)
Art Hub Gallery (2017, Dubai, Group Exhibition)
World Art Dubai (2017, Group Exhibition sponsored by Art Mania Gallery)
Artist Fantasy (2017, Dubai, Group Exhibition)
Art Hub Gallery (2018, Dubai, Group Exhibition)
Coya (2019, Dubai, Group Exhibition)
Women in Art (2019, Dubai, Group Exhibition)

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