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Rama Krishna V

Recent works of Ramakrishna echo his responses to the city environment. Having been born and brought up in a province of rural India, he has had enriching encounters with natural surroundings. In the absence of such spaces the artist looks on at the omnipresent concrete-scapes of the city for inspiration. In his acrylics on canvas artworks, where colors are used minimally, he portrays vast expanses of heavily structured buildings. His portrayal of a Bull is unique. 

Solo Show:

Triveni kala Sangam Art Gallery , New Delhi 2019

India Art Festival 2018, New Delhi

Art Revolution Taipei, 2018 

Tatinis Art Show, Singapore 2018

Lalita kala Academy International kala Mela 2018  

Nehru art gallery of Hyderabad,2017

Hotel Malka Spice of Hyderabad, 2017  

The Gallery café of Hyderabad, 2016  

The cultural centre of Vijayawada ,2016

Taj Deccan Hotel, Hyderabad, 2015 

Daira Art Gallery, Hyderabad, 2015.

Icon art gallery, Hyderabad, 2013.  

Two Men show

Lalitkalaacademy  ,Delhi, 2016

Group Exhibitions:

Visual art gallery New Delhi 2019 Daira art gallery,Hyderabad,2016

Affordable art fair. Singapore 2018 Novotel,colours,Hyderabad,2016

Genesis art gallery, kalkata, 2018 Colours art gallery, Mumbai, 2016 

 Art Centex, New Delhi 2017 Indian art festival,Mumbai,2016

Art land, Mumbai  2017 Mahua art gallery, Bangalore 2016 

World art, Dubai 2017 State art gallery ,Hyderabad 2016

Art Revolution Taipei, Taiwan, 2017 Water colour show at Icon art gallery, Hyderabad 2014.

 ICA art gallery, Jaipur, 2016 Mahua art gallery, Bangalore 2014 ,2015.

 Global art fair, Mumbai, 2016 Space art gallery, Hyderabad 2014.

Art zolo art gallery, Mumbai, 2016 Icon art gallery 2014, 2015.

Lexicon art gallery, Delhi, 2016 Muse art gallery, Hyderabad 2013.

Icon art gallery 2014, 2015. Nehru art gallery JNAFAU, Hyderabad2013. 

Lalith Kala academy, New Delhi 2013.  Shrishti art gallery, Hyderabad 2012.

Time and space art gallery, Bangalore 2001. 

 Indian Art Festival, Mumbai, 2015.

Awards/ Honors:

Silver medal All India Art Exhibition, Organized by Hyderabad Art Society, 2000.  Cash award All India Art Exhibition, Organized by Hyderabad Art Society, 2001.

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