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Ana Liz Cordero

Artist Statement: 

The inspiration moments come when I feel that something different I can create. For me, painting is a way of speaking and having a relationship with the blank canvas. I paint by passion. I believe that my art is my way of being without rules. Simply, my essence embodied in a moment of inspiration.


I use several types of materials such as acrylic, reliefs with different adhered textures. Some of my paintings were inspired by dreams or something that has caught my attention. I consider myself an observant and perfectionist person. I was born in Ecuador but I never stayed in my hometown. The curiosity to explore and understand the different cultures worldview allowed me to open my mind is what has allowed me to be here in Dubai.


My intention is to be able to share my creativity through this art space. I consider myself an abstract artist who does not conform to the everyday, who always looks for more. Each of my paintings are unique pieces created exclusively for someone who wants to have a piece of different art at home. I have also sold paintings in my country for people who have made special requests, and some of my works are exhibited in several hospitals.


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