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Growing up in a family of artists, Anju has been exposed to arts for as long as she can remember. Leaving behind a successful career in engineering, Anju realized that her true calling and passion in life was Art. Born of Indian origin, Anju currently lives in Dubai. Her works are a culmination of mixed media and self taught techniques that render her creations mesmerizing. Her eye for detail and ability to portray the emotion of her subject makes her work realistic and unique. Anju specializes in charcoal & pastel drawings as well as sculptures and has been receiving very good reviews from art critics and galleries alike.

She has participated in the following exhibitions:

1) International Design Exhibition INDEX 2016, Dubai

2) Yalla Pink Charity Art Exhibition and Auction 2016

3) Vision of Future, Etihad Modern Art Gallery 2016

4) Jaipur Art Fest with DOLNA Art Gallery 2016

5) World Art Dubai 2017

6) Twilight Alluvion, Gandhi Art Gallery New Delhi 2017

7) Art Maestro Exhibition, Durbar Art Gallery,Kochi 2017

8) Noon Art Awards Exhibition, Sharjah 2017

9) AMP ‘Year of Zayed’ Exhibition, Paris Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi 2018

10)Indian Art Festival, Mumbai 2018

11)Women of Art, Mumbai 2018

12)Women in Art, Gallery Arabesque, Dubai 2019

13)Her Story Exhibition, Cartoon Art Gallery,Dubai 2019

14)Voyage of a Bird, Sharjah 2019

15)Season of Tolerance, Cartoon Art Gallery, Dubai 2019

She recently was awarded ‘The Artist of the Year 2019’ for the ‘Her Story’’ Competition and Exhibition. 

Her work has been featured by the international art magazine Emboss. 

She was recently interviewed by a popular UAE newspaper, The Khaleej Times.

Her work was nominated for the Art Maestro Award and the Noon Art Award 2017. 

Her artworks are owned by private collectors in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chicago and Dubai.

Portraiture, delving in human emotions and her ability to bring about feelings of relativity and compassion from the viewer is Anju’s strong suit. From a financially lucrative career to a soul fulfilling career in art, Anj.u has decided to follow her heart and take the plunge to paint her dreams.

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