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Anna Abrahamian

Semiotic and Psychographic Art through Remote Viewing
My art is a produce of applied Remote Viewing methodology to capture thought forms from the noosphere, e.g. the essence of energy that surrounds us in all aspects of life. It is a philosophical exercise that claims no scientific accuracy, nor does it remain inside the realm of search for the esoteric. There's a border, a fringe between these two worlds and I aspire to capture images thence. 

I travel extensively to "places of power" – mountains, valleys, ancient ruins to achieve a state of mindfulness, and paired with music and books that inspire me, develop psychogrammes, which I later process into drawings. I always grew up surrounded with multiple cultures and apart from learning languages, had grown to appreciate the aspects of ethnography in various nations. Currently, I reside between Athens, Greece and Abu–Dhabi, UAE. My previous living experiences include my motherland Armenia, as well as Russia, US, Belgium and Lebanon. I hold a Double Masters Degree in International Comparative Law and a Black Belt in Kickboxing. Art always was my cherished secret hobby that turned into a story that ought to be told and shared.

Semiotics and Psychography as Means of creating "Objective Art"

The Russian school of psychography stems from two Greek words – soul and writing, e.g. "writing from one's soul"; the fringe where subjective creation is lost as such, and philosophy, philology and anthropology meet at the limits of undisclosed-yet-fully-disclosable collective consciousness. 

An interdisciplinary analyses of many a studies I swam through over the years was one day able to embark upon the shores of what Gurdjieff called "objective art" – one where all ego is neutralised, and one's soul becomes the lead of the creation; and the hand silently, effortlessly and without a stop makes its objective journey on the surface of a paper. 

The first psychography sketch that appears on the paper in front of me is usually tuned to an accompanying classical music (Beethoven, Mussorgsky, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Mozart, Chopin, Gurdjieff & Hartmann) and is completed with my eyes closed. 

A soul's perception at that point is at one frequency with the mind, connecting it to the ether from earth to cosmos, it senses all items at hand in their objective functionality – the quality of the paper (scratchy, smooth, bold, thin) and the ink in their various colors. My ego has no dictate over this process, it's a silent witness on the background. It is a process of meditation – a process of observing thoughts as they float, catching their form and taking a note of them. 

A note in this case = [simiosi], creating what's known as semiotic art, the art of taking note of everything in the ether that surrounds us, the ether, into which all our thoughts and actions combined with the energies of the nature have consciously or subconsciously left marks. Thoughts do become reality and one ought to be careful what they wish for and/or think of. All I do, is take note of these "leftover" marks.

June 2017 : THE ARTBOX PROJECT Basel 1.0, Basel Artweek, Group Exhibition Basel, Switzerland
Five works were selected and certified by the Jury
1. “Dressed Up People”
2. “Red Horse of Dreams”
3. “Crowds Possessed”
4. “Tree of Life” 
5. “Inanna, Enki and Enlil”  

December 23, 2017 : January 23, 2018 –Magic Notebook - Individual Exhibition, Ktima Bellou, Mt Olympus, Pieria – Greece
May 1, 2018: Art Collector Bookf The Middle East Art Collector Association, Works selected by the Association
1. “Inanna, Enki and Enlil”
2. “Confidence/Hope vs Doubt/Disappointment”
3. “Family Tree”
4. “Mermaid”
5. “The Sacred Cow” 
6. “Alan Turing’s Theory of Biological Patterns”

5 – 29 May, 2018: “City of Gods Dion” 

May 29 – June 3:
Saint Petersburg Art Week, Artists’ Union, Bol’shaya Morskaya 38, St Petersburg, Russia.
“Red Horse of Dreams” was selected as the cover for the official poster of the Art Week. 25 of my works were selected for an individual exhibition within the framework of the event. Three of my works took Prizes in the category of Graphic Abstract, including the First Prize, awarded for the work “Confidence/Hope vs Doubt/Disappointment”.

May 19, 2018: Project, The State Russian Museum, St Petersburg, Russia.
Painting of Charity Bench «Apollo & Artemis» 

May 19, 2018:  Master Class on Psychography and Ancient Greek Mystery Schools during the Saint Petersburg Museum Nights, May 19, 2018, at the Kochneva Estate, St Petersburg, Russia

June 3, 2018:  Master Class on Psychography and Ancient Greek Mystery Schools
St Petersburg Artists’ Union on Bol’shaya Morskaya, The Saint Petersburg Art Week. St Petersburg, Russia

May 30 – June 30, 2018: Magic NotebookIndividual Exhibition, Galereya Puteshestviy Vyborg, Russia

July 3 – August 3, 2018: St Petersburg State Academic Capella

July 14 – July 30, 2018: Individual Exhibition at IFA, St Petersburg, Russia.

December 10, 2018 – January 14, 2019: Individual Exhibition, IZO–Art Gallery, Romanov Dvor, Moscow Russia

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