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Anwaar Haddadin

Anwaar is an artist from Jordan. She creates colorful and soothing Fluid Abstract Art. Anwaar loves to experiment with acrylics, alcoholic inks and resin. Most of her paintings use solid wood in different sizes with acrylic colors and covered with a layer of resin to preserve the colors, materials as well as the canvas. She discovered her own way of creating abstract artworks by using different techniques. 

Anwaar knows there will always be new things to learn and experiment with, and new ways to grow as an artist. She studied art at the Sharjah Art Institute in UAE.

She discovered liquid painting and saw a lot of intriguing image made from liquid art. The artistic and creative part was screaming, and she had to understand how it was done.

She has been creative all her life, loves painting and colors and have participated in art projects in various gallery, last one World Art Dubai 2019.

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