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Arshad Hussain

A Hussain from Pakistan, the land of beauty, art and culture, was born in 1977.

A contemporary abstract artist working in different Medias. His father being a well-known artist in his home country making art part of his blood.

Having many, solo shows to his credit he has won many awards and prizes for his unique style of painting.

A Hussain has painted for the most honourable and important people in the UAE. He has also worked for the Dubai government and painted the biggest artwork in Dubai which in Meydan Hotel.

A Hussain has been contracted by some of the most luxurious hotels in UAE and
painted over 400 original pieces for those hotels.

In Dubai, he has painted portraits of famous Sheikhs as well as for the Royal Terminal 1 & Terminal 2 and he has also rendered artistic services for various UAE ministries.

He has expertise in all types of painting such as abstract art, contemporary art, calligraphy, and portraits.

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