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In the early years of my life Art was not something that I pictured myself doing.  I was always attracted towards brushes and paints but it was not something I ever thought would become my passion and profession one day. Around 7 years ago when I had some free time from my duties of being a mother of two and playing the role of a homemaker, I figured out that the only thing that gave me satisfaction and solace during my free hours was painting. My spontaneous desire to learn pushed me to start taking classes to enhance my artistic skills. Devoting a few hours of my day on sketching and caricature became a part of my daily routine. From there on, I started playing and experimenting with colors.

I started working with oil on canvas as I found them easier to manage as a beginner. This medium gave me some time and space to fix my mistakes and to make changes. Soon I realized that it takes longer to make an oil painting as the coats take longer to dry and shades start to fade after some time.

I switched to acrylic on canvas after completing a few works with oil. I enjoy working with acrylic because I could use it with other mediums other as well. The coats took comparatively lesser time to dry. I was able to solve another problem with it, my family complaining of perpetual strong turpentine / linseed oil smell in the house stopped. I am sure most of you would agree with me on this one :)

I continued to create and experiment even after relocating to Dubai 5 years ago. Tried my hands on silk painting recently, which was cumbersome but very rewarding.

With encouragement from my husband Vikas, I conceived the idea of selling my work online combined with works of other budding and established artists. is our attempt to create a simple, easy to access environment and ecosystem, which brings an artist closer to the buyers of their creations.  

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