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GN Madhu

An alumnus of one of the most prestigious fine art institutions in India, GN Madhu is an award winning artist who enjoys exploring the essence of art in various ways. A graduate from The College of Fine Arts Thiruvananthapuram, Madhu is an avid traveler with a keen passion for water colours and acrylic colours. His exploration gave him the opportunity to work with many renowned artists, local and abroad. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, Madhu is known for his ability to capture the soul of his vision and embed it in his paintings. His participation in numerous national, international and solo exhibitions, gained his work a lot of popularity. He recently  set a record in INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS with a Monolisa painting (4x3mm) in one minute.


Awards and honours

AATMA Award for Excellence in Art & Design.

International Watercolor Society Award.

Camlin Art Award.

K.C. Mammen Mapillai Gold Medal.

Collections Exhibits in Australia, UK, UAE, Singapore, Muscat, India

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