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Magdalena Kazmierczak

An Artist since the childhood, expressed herself the most by painting. 

This young artist has graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (Poland), where she obtained master degree in arts. Her Artworks freely express herself. They tell a story about her, places, trips and intentions. You may find architectural motives, which symbolize future plans, not free from reconstructions or abandonments. That is why an important motive of her work is relocation.

Seeking for technical solutions is out of any form & hard to define – it is rather a game with colorful patch. It is like a sudden crash of logic and tidiness with artistic expression. Situations hard to integrate. The need of harmony and stability is hidden under rich, colorful emotions. The color, which is never the same, is being changed by the light and time – just like our feelings. And the architectural form is as much fascinating as the structure, emotion or color.”  All these form a base for the master artworks of Magdalena Kaźmierczak.

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