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Pradeesh K. Rama

Pradeesh is a self-taught artist with a Diploma in Photography. Born in Kannur, Kerala, India. His artworks revolve around Faces with intricate patterns, flowers, light and shades all brought together to create magic. Faces are portrayed in bold colors, melded with hues from the background. The colors are soft, but still seem to glow from the canvas. His masterful shading provide a contrast between the subject and the backdrop. Patterns are prevalent everywhere, the petals of blooms are carefully etched onto the subject.
2016 -Artzest at Dubai
2014 - Gallery Space, Hyderabad
2013 - Renaissance Gallery, Bangalore
2012 - Art Mall Gallery, Delhi
2012 - Apparao Galleries at Chennai
2012 - Apparao Galleries, Delhi
2012 - Painted rhythm art gallery, Mumbai
2012 - Alliance Francaise de Bangalore,
2012 - Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
2012 - Jahangir Art Gallery (organized by The Bombay Art Society)
2011 - Satgurus Art Gallery, Mumbai
2011 - Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
2011 - Jahangir Art Gallery (organized by The Bombay Art Society)
2010 - Jahangir Art Gallery (organized by The Bombay Art Society)
2010 - Gallery Leela, Mumbai
2008 - Art Desh The Studio, Mumbai
2008 - Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai
2007 - Jahangir Art Gallery (organized by the Photographic Society of India,)
2007 - Kohinoor Continental Art Gallery, Mumbai
2006 - Rachana Sansad School of Mumbai
2005 - Atria Mall, Mumbai (organized by Hindustan Times)
Participation - Mumbai ArtFair.

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