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Ramesh Nair

Born in the culturally and traditionally rich town of Thalassery, (Kerala) myths and legends have had a big influence in shaping and molding Ramesh as an artist and an individual. He find solace in art in such a way that all his works are an expression of himself and what he feels.  Ramesh has displayed his works in exhibitions, both nationally and internationally.
His Paintings: It is an architect's responsibility to construct on an empty space given to him. But, it is also an artist's responsibility to find beauty in such a space and recreate that beauty through his art. Cubism is usually used to express different angles of the same object through different forms of art in an abstract manner, giving an aesthetic expression through the abstract quality of the recreated works. Ramesh has exuded the idea of deconstructing physical spaces, playing the role of a bricoleur, finding beauty and recreating it through the technique of Cubism. This series of paintings focuses on different kinds of architectural spaces in an unconventional manner, finding aesthetic essence in their deconstruction.
His Drawings: Line art is a form of art which uses straight and curved lines against a plain background and is primarily used to create illustrations. It wasn't long before it developed into a different form of art in itself. Ramesh’s artworks consist of an interwoven mixture of curved lines, replicating life-rhythms. He draws his inspiration from nature, trying to exude life through shapes and forms found in nature and breathing life into myths through my drawings. He also draws portraits using his own style and technique that employ curved lines, indicating the flow of a river and infusing the different elements of nature within the drawing. The fluidity of life-rhythm can be seen in most of his artworks. Ramesh finds  certain kind of beauty in nature's disturbances - these morph into sources for the thematic ideology of his work.
Exhibitions :
2018 “The Bombay Art Society,126th All India Annual Art Exhibition” Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
2018 “Kerala State Exhibition” Durbar Hall Art Centre, Cochin, Kerala
2017 “Art for Charity in collaboration with BMW & The Bombay Art Society to benefit Mission Smile” - at The Lalit Hotel, Mumbai.
2017 “Amalgamation 2” Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai 
2017 “Tri-butaries-3rd” Triangle Artists Show, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore
2017 “The Art Society of India,99th All India Annual Art Exhibition”  Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
2016 “The Bombay Art Society,124th All India Annual Art Exhibition” Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
2016 “An Exhibition of Creative Sketches and Drawings” Artists' Centre Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
2015 India Art Festival (IAF), Nehru Centre, Mumbai 
2015 “A Festival of Art” Organized by Heartland, Thane, Maharashtra 
2015 “Art Fair Thane” Organized by MCHI & CREDAI, Thane, Maharashtra
2014 “Hues 2” Coomaraswamy Hall, Mumbai
2014 “Kerala State Exhibition” Durbar Hall Art Centre, Cochin, Kerala 
2014 “Reflections” D D Neroy Gallery, Chowpatty, Mumbai
2013 “Tri-butaries-Sequel” Triangle Artists Show, Durbar Hall,Cochin, Kerala
2013 “AROMA III”  P. L. Deshpande Art Gallery, Mumbai 
2012 “Tri-butaries” Triangle Artists Show, Labernum & Indigo Art Gallery, Cholamandalam, Chennai
2012 India Art Festival (IAF), BKC, Mumbai 
2011 “My Spirituality” Thane Kala Bhavan, Thane, Maharashtra.
1988 “Annual Art Exhibition”, Kerala School of Arts, Town Hall, Tellicherry, Kerala 
1987 Kalagramam, Mahe, Pondicherry 
1987 “Yuvajana Mela” State Level Camp, Tellicherry, Kerala.

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