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Ranjana Iyer

Depicting the world around us on a canvas to express myself has been a passion of mine since childhood. Formulating thoughts and creating artwork came naturally to me, and I was always inclined towards painting and showcasing art through various mediums. Coming from a humble family background in Nagpur, India, I grew up in a supportive family that believed in traditional education, so completed my M.Com and I could not pursue a course in arts, since the art scene was not as established or viable at that point of time. Eventually, after marriage, I slowly began reconnecting with my long time hobby and started to evolve my skills for the growing art culture in the 1990s in India.

Although not a full time professional artist, I started investing more and more time in researching and grasping ideas from the world around me. Fortunately, I have had the chance of living in the United States till 2007, and then Dubai till present, the long extended stay in various parts of the world has helped in experiencing and interacting with diverse cultures. The impact of various cultures and people have formed the basis for a majority of my artwork.

The world around us is filled with fascinating ideas that can be beautifully depicted on canvas, and therefore, the theme of my art revolves around scenery, animals, women of the world, mythical figures, and florals. A diverse array of art has enabled me to grow in confidence and try new forms of art overtime to further develop my skills. Till date, I have worked with oils and acrylic paints with textures on canvas, and have also worked on glass. I also depict art on glass bottles, earthen pots & pans. I have done a series of paintings on glass of Rajasthan Princesses, a series of horses, floral paintings etc.

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