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Safura Malekji

Those of us who readily dive deep into the souls of others usually talk with colorful words or expressions that are often termed as “alien or artistic”, or at least that is what I think.

I am a self-taught artist from UAE (Indian) and I consider myself a story-teller. My Artistic inspiration mostly comes from Nature, the books I read, the emotions in poetry, and quiet places in my mind where I go to Introspect. Some of my artworks are clubbed with a piece of my writings when I feel like I want to give a direction to the general interpretation of that art.

When I escape to a place for soul-searching, I picture myself walking barefoot on the grass or sitting under the stars in silence, and I often make those places I go to or the scenes I want to see.

Just like there is honesty and optimistic values attained through introspection, for me it is directly linked to Art.

I have come to feel that Nature with its ever-changing ways has stories to tell, little excerpts here and there, which I am trying to understand and express in my art.

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