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Volodya Hubanov

From 1985 to 1990 VOLODYA was employed as a artist - designer (Design of packaging, making banners for parades) in the factory "Panayot Volov", Shumen, Bulgaria. After 1990 to 2000 he improved the style of painting. He chose two primary colors - red (light vermilion) and blue (Prussian blue, ultramarine) and paint portraits. This is how Volodya recreates emotion, history, experience, excitement of memories. Most of his artworks are part of private collections. Some of them are sold in South Africa, Australia, Germany and more.

Solo Exhibitions: 2000 - Art Gallery  “Elena Karamihaylova”, Shumen, Bulgaria

Selected Group Exhibitions: 1988 - Art Gallery  “Elena Karamihaylova”, Shumen, Bulgaria

Public Collections: “Vase with dry leaves” -  “Shumen Municipality”, Shumen, Bulgaria. Acquired 2001. “The kid” - foster home, Shumen Bulgaria. Acquired 2001.

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