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Gurumahesh Srivinasan – “Art is my life”


“A rush of colours to my head… emotions craving for a form… eloquent objects… the perpetual prodding of the mind’s eye to give its image a meaning …... I finally acceded to the furious beckoning of the empty canvas…. often rejoicing in the result of the interpretation…sometimes even bewildered by it…. Art is my life.

Born in Bangalore (Karnataka, India), Guru is a management graduate from the Bangalore University. When he received recognition as the creative head for of his college in various universities, it was just the beginning. His paintings speak of his enduring passion for art.

He has produced many contemporary works of art under the expert guidance of the renowned artist, Sri M.G. Doddmani.

Apart from the standards of art in oil, acrylic and mixed media, he developed and works on offbeat techniques and mediums, such as egg and wine among others. It is his instant thoughts that inspire his creations, which are then captured in abstract, semi abstract, contemporary and modern artistic depictions. It is the depth in his compositions that gives its audience food for thought to reflect on.

He has participated in various solo and group exhibitions in India and has also showcased his paintings in Dubai.


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