Artist : Almudena Angoso (View Artist Profile)
Price :  USD 4,128.00
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Size : 60 cms x 90 cms
Type : Oil on Canvas
Certificate of Authenticity :  Yes
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Description :  
"Almudena - My portraits are an invitation to the unique perception of each one, but if I intend something with them is to suggest something more than an inert face. Longing is part of the series ‘’The lightness of being’’. With this painting I express the yearnings that we all have and that prevent us from living the present fully.
Complimentary epigraph: We could say that nostalgia is the enemy of the present. That which clings melancholy to a past that will no longer return, while the moment of now passes sadly without hardly being perceived, much less valued.
We could say, then, that consecutive nostalgia repeated in time could endanger an entire life. Dear living creature, protect yourself from nostalgia. Nothing that was before will be again, but nothing that is being will be if you don’t live it now."
Item Code :  ALM109