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A lawyer by profession for over 20 years, Valentina remembers herself painting her colleague’s portrait from 5th grade, which turned out to be very good and she exhibited in school. She loves art and beauty that encompasses us. Her passion is painting portraits, abstracts and nudes. Valentina blends classic art with abstract elements. Her love for classic art reflects in her paintings. She gets inspiration from day to day life, emotions in people and her own emotions and thoughts.

Few years ago, she was reading Ernesto Sabato’s novel ‘’Between blood and writing’’ something that was about to change my destiny radically. ‘’A work of art does not only have a testimonial value but a cathartic power expressing the deepest emotions of the artist and of the people around him’’. I found myself in a similar state of being to what Greeks were calling ‘’metanoia’’ and in that unique moment of her mind and soul, she knew painting was her destiny.

This year she is scheduled for solo exhibits in Bucharest & London at the invitation of reputable art galleries. 

Ruth Schembri

Ruth Schembri

Ruth is an artist from Malta who has been living in Dubai since 1999.

She discovered her love for art from a very early age and has since experimented with and enjoyed many different media such as pencil drawing, pen and ink, chalk pastel, oil pastel, silk painting, glass paintings, acrylics, oils and watercolours.

Her mantra towards art is to never limit herself to the vastness of possibilities when creating a painting so Ruth allows herself the freedom of constant experimentation, exploring new media, techniques, themes and styles.

Although her passion for art goes back a long way it was approximately only a decade ago that Ruth made the conscious decision to dedicate herself to her artistic calling and nurture her innate and incredible talent.  This has set Ruth on a wonderful journey of discovery and deepened her desire to learn more and evolve as an artist.

Ruth has taken part in several joint exhibitions and also had two solo exhibitions one in Dubai called Chromatic Inspirations and the other one in her beloved country, Malta, called Reminiscence.

Ruth currently works as a freelance artist in Dubai.