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Arti Wadhawan

Zarin Salahi

Master of Arts in Fine Arts, Painting, Alzahra University, Tehran,
Individual Painting Exhibition:
2014  Aaran Plus Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012   Siin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Selected Group Painting and Video Art Exhibitions:
2018Ae Film Fest's first intentional video installation exhibition, Minnesota, United States
2017   Creativity Biennale, Museum of Kyoto, Japan
2016   2th Iran Contemporary Art Biennale, Tehran, Iran
2015   Edinburgh Iranian Art Festival, Edinburgh
2014   Croxhapox Art Gallery, Gent, Belgium
2014   Limited Access Six, Aaran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014   Aaran Plus Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013   Siin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012   Siin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Selected Film Festivals:
2015  Shenzhen Animation Biennale, China
2015  Ae Art House Film Festival, Minnesota, United States
2015  Athens ANIMFEST, Athens
2015  International Animation Festival Chilemonos, Santiago
2015  Visionaria , Santa Maria della Scala, Siena ,Italy
2015  Davis International Film Festival(DIFF), University of California, CA, United States
2015   Independent Animation committee Grand Award, 2nd Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale, China

Arti Wadhawan

Elena Cherny

Elena is a gentle soul with an artist’s heart. She is a professional musician and a college professor. She is also incredibly passionate about art and loves to paint. She painted her entire life but it was more of a hobby as music was always her number one love. Recently she decided to take up brush and canvas once again as a more serious endeavor and have been smashing it with incredible acrylic pieces.