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Almudena Angoso

I could say that painting has been part of my life since I have use of memory. My grandmother, artist on canvas and artist of life, got me the love of art since I was very young. And so it gave me the power to escape to other realities without moving from the chair. The work I have been dedicating for a couple of years was born curiously from a moment in my life when I felt that the environment in which I found myself lacked soul. I looked for it in the streets, in the people, in a cold and unchanging day to day. 
And then one day I took back the brushes and began to emerge those glances of other ethnicities and cultures, loaded with stories and lives that only you could imagine. They left some place of the unconscious to fill my soul with my present, to ask questions, to disturb me, to provoke me and to continue creating characters that through a look they knew how to answer me. 
The colors are part of that expression that I look for, alive and vibrant, working with different techniques between oil and mixed technique. Although I have created different series, such as Africanism (based on portraits of Africa), Woman Myth or Holi Day (Colors and expressions of India) I over-titled all of them as 'Portraits of the soul', because in their variations they represent the expression of the individual as an ancestral and recondite part of the human being. 
An Arab proverb says that anyone who does not understand a look will not understand a long explanation. Gaze is the window of the soul through which you can guess universes. And the eyes always speak when words are missing. 
My portraits are an invitation to the unique perception of each one, but if I intend something with them is to suggest something more than an inert face. To be looked at when looking and to forget about judgments for once, just letting go.  
Allow yourself the luxury of feeling a soul, yours.
(Tres Ases Artist)

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