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Manjula MY

Manjula originally hails from Mysore, settled in Bengaluru, India, have been crafting various paintings like abstract, realistic, contemporary art. She has received accolade for her paintings that captures sublime nature  on canvas. Her creative imagination is expressed in a clinical and subtle way using oil and acrylic colors that culminate in each of her artistic work. Her vision is to touch as many lives as possible and to share emotions, caught in each frame. Her collection of artworkshave been exhibited in various shows:

·         Group show, ChitrakalaParishat, Bangalore, 2018

·         Art Exhibition, Namma Bengaluru habba,  conducted by Karnataka tourism department, Bangalore, 2017

·         Art exhibition at Chinnaswamy during KPL  inauguration of cricket tournament, Bangalore, 2017

·         On Street art Mart at Rangoli Metro, Bangalore 2016

·         Mysore Dasara Art exhibition, Mysore 

·         Group show of Ganesha paintings, Cobalt art gallery, Bangalore, 2018

·         Chitrasante, CKP, 2016

·         Suttur art exhibition, Suttur, 2016

·         Chitrasante, CKP, Bangalore, 2018 

·         Group show, One shop gallery, Bangalore 2017



·         Best painting, Mysore Dasara exhibition 

·         Best painting- Spot painting competition held about drinking and smoking is injurious to health , organised by Bharat cancer hospital, Mysore.


Her painting collections are showcased in Corporates and residences, Star Hotels and Art galleries, across Bangalore, Mysore and USA.

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