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Mohamed El Kholy

“A warm welcome to you who are interested in art and care about making their life more beautiful”.

Mohamed painter and graphic artist from Egypt, the country of those ancient people who knew how to love and build. I always believed that art as a paramount human activity Is so essential that it should be available to everyone everywhere.

Drawing is the first language I spoke, even before Arabic my native language. I had kept drawing and painting almost everyday till I joined the Faculty of fine arts - Alexandria university. I studied decoration and Scenic design.

I started an illustrator and comic artist and worked with some of the most prominent local and international publishing houses.

In nineteen ninety-nine, I had the honor of being presented by Adobe as a pioneer digital artist who "achieves advanced painterly effects with digital brushwork".

With wide-ranging advanced computer Graphics techniques Based on lifelong experience in manual drawing and painting. I was able to Build a Successful Career as a painter, illustrator and graphic artist.

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