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Puneeth Mohan

“My journey as a painter has given me a lot of bitter sweet pain but people’s reaction and response to my creations, drives me to paint more” – Puneeth Mohan

With a natural flair for art and growing up in encouraging surroundings, I inculcated art into my life at a very young age. I did my first painting “Aachinaya” during my school summer holidays at the age of 14 and held my first exhibition in 2011, aptly named “First Step”, I was 16. I received a lot of public recognition as a young, promising and professional artist. Since then, I have proudly displayed my paintings at 7 exhibitions in India and will soon be holding one internationally.

Every artist has his/her own unique style. “Mix Media” & “Break the Rules” are mine! … Abstract, Semi Abstract & Knife paintings that bring out my feelings on canvas are my favorite. I love experimenting…always! 

I like to paint alone and do not entertain people inside my studio. I admire artworks done by Mexican artist Frida and the one who introduced surrealism – Leonardo da Vinci. I love their creations but make sure not to get too influenced as that might lead me to stray away from my own style.  I teach art to students in two schools for the love of painting. Am actively involved as a mentor in storyboarding for students of a renowned Movie Director and conduct workshops in film institutes as well.

My portrayal of art has constantly evolved over time, synonymous to journey of a river toward the sea with all its surprises, twists and turns. It keeps me wondering about strokes of colour on my future masterpieces.

By Puneeth Mohan


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