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Sevan Kouchgarian

I am a self-taught Lebanese modern artist. Born and raised in Lebanon, currently residing in Dubai. My passion for painting started when I was young but in the past few years and with the help of social media, I decided to showcase my artwork publically.

I started using charcoal, pencil oil and watercolor but with time, I began to experiment with acrylic paints. The key to my growth as an artist has been my family and friends who bought my first paintings, continuously motivated, and helped me let go of my best creations.

The world of art is a world of magic to me. My art is a form of love that I express with no inhibition. Being a self-taught artist, the most valuable lesson learnt is that when I paint from the heart everything works, and when I use my head nothing does. I do not seek accuracy and perfection in my paintings, rather I desire freedom and expression.

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