In the Beginning

Artist : Almudena Angoso (View Artist Profile)
Price :  USD 3,952.00
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Size : 90 cms x 120 cms
Type : Oil and Acrylic and Textures on Canvas
Certificate of Authenticity :  Yes
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Outside UAE with-in 12 days, Rolled and Shipped.
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Description :  Almudena - My portraits are an invitation to the unique perception of each one, but if I intend something with them is to suggest something more than an inert face. Painting of the series ‘Anthropo morphosis’. This painting seeks the expression of human nature in its origin, of the essence prior to the body. It is a criticism of prejudice and the division of the human race, a reminder of where we come from and where we are going. Complimentary epigraph: ‘’In the beginning of time, time didn’t exist. So there were no beginnings, no fear, no ends. Then came the humans, then the human races. The division between people, and people divided their lives into hours, minutes and seconds of lifetime left. But at the end of time, time will not exist anymore. Then there will be no endings, no fears. There will be no people to divide into races’’.
Item Code :  ALM107